Top 5 advantages of video in marketing strategy

It is now no longer a secret that a good marketing strategy is based on an effective and efficient content marketing strategy. This strategy consists of creating and distributing quality content with high added value for a targeted audience.
In this sense, video is a very effective format to help you gain visibility and notoriety…

A brand’s video content can then find its place at every stage of the customer relationship: it can gain audience during the prospecting phase, generate interaction during the engagement phase, support sales with higher conversion rates on the sites and promote the creation of brand ambassadors and therefore loyalty.

Nowadays, many Internet users prefer to watch a video rather than visit a website.

An Aberdeen study shows that companies that have integrated video into their marketing mix achieve conversion rates 45% higher than other companies.

Indeed, this medium allows you to get in touch with your visitors in a very original way. Video marketing has therefore become a very popular communication channel.

Video has several advantages that we will now develop:

The video allows an attractive visual

Having a video on your site makes it much more visual and captivating. On average, an Internet user stays 20 seconds on a site without a video, whereas with a video, the average time increases to 5 minutes… All is said and done.

Original content

When a customer will land on your site and see an attractive video, he will immediately get a more concrete picture of your activity, of your company. This much more original presentation of your products can allow the customer to generate a commitment that he would not have had without this video.

Easy to share

To share your presentation video, you just have to broadcast its link and it will be published on your different social networks, in emails or on any type of screen in one click.

Generating trust

Video allows you to be closer to your customers. They will be able to trust you more and they will naturally have a better knowledge of your brand.

Optimizes natural referencing

As we explained above, video is part of the content marketing and it helps to improve the referencing of your site. Know that Youtube is the second search engine behind Google and is itself very well referenced on Google.

While traditional advertising is still present, video content is increasingly taking its place on online sites because it encourages engagement and sharing, and can also allow buying directly from video.